Thursday, March 12, 2009


The site Grade 3 OLLLCS was actually conceptualized almost five (5) years ago when one of the parent at OLLCS started to do missionary work in coordination with Fr. Albert N. Delvo, who was then the Parish Priest and School Director of the OLLCS, by extending his talent in digital photography to produce digital photographs of the children of OLLCS. With the advancement in digital technology, the site OLLCS Homeroom was then built by Mr. Roy R. Luga for the benefit of the children of OLLCS as well as the parents of these pupils, where the pictures and footages taken from these children are being uploaded whenever the latter is commissioned by the school to undertake missionary projects for the children. The recollection of the children prior to their First Communion was included in RECOLLECTION AT VILLA CONSUELO. Aside from the OLLCS, many sites where built afterwards to help in the government's peace effort in the Cordilleras; promote an environmental friendly workplace; promote church related projects in Isabela; promote shows that features good governance and lot more of advocacies such as human trafficking of Filipinas; special education for physically and mentally handicapped children in Aklan; to promote fund raising activity of OLLCS, which has garnered the biggest viewership in You Tube insofar as OLLCS is concerned and other developmental projects. Modesty aside, we help promote "The Philippine Juicy Fruits" , because of its nationalist agenda, fighting against the giants in the media industry in an on line voting. The Philippine Juicy fruits won the Asia-Pacific's Most Promising Group Performers in an on line voting besting its rivals being promoted by big media outfits.

Lately, we were invited by Ms. Dobel Dizon to do a project with the Grade 3 pupils of OLLCS during the 9th Field Demonstration Exercise of the Children. Christian as we are, we extended our helping hand for the parents, teachers and the Grade 3 pupils of the school and even offered the same to include all levels at OLLCS in their presentation "Hello World: A Call for Survival" at no cost to the school. It might have been providential that the theme during the said event is consonant with the advocacy we are propagating, i.e., the issue concerning global warming. Accordingly, we built this site in honor of Miss Dobel Dizon, who invited us to do this project for the children's clamour to be heard.

The uploaded materials in this site were taken in public during public performance and the equipment used in the production of the outputs herein, as well as the edited materials are privately owned. This undertaking is a non-profit project of the teachers and parents of the Grade 3 pupils of OLLCS. Let us altogether support our children's clamour to address global warming.